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Chapsydis is an immense city floating in a cloudy sky that looks as if it has been carved entirely from a truly titanic bronze-colored crystal. It's an architectural masterpiece of surreal magnificence. Majestic towers pierce the slight mist, soaring high in the sky, linked to each others by gleaming, delicate suspended bridges and many walls are ornated by beautiful bas reliefs.

The most remarkable feature of Chapsydis however is the immense spiraling stairway that majestically descends, through the clouds, all the way down to the ground, far far below. Once there, one can see a seemingly infinite expanse of crystal going in every directions, as far as the eyes can see. Here and there small shafts can be seen, leading deep below the surface to an immense network carved throughout the crystal. Here lies the true richness of Chapsydis : its natural library. Indeed the Chapsydean Crystal possesses the unique property of storing memories that can then be accessed upon mere contact, making the whole world an immense receptacle of knowledge, among the biggest in the known universe.