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The name Ceiciels refers to a large host of varied creatures and supernatural beings living in Heaven and heavenly realms. It comprises sentient beings such as angels and very simple and animalistic-minded ones like Komantas. Little is know about many of those creatures because, unlike demons, most of them rarely leave Heaven at all. Ceiciels are the polar opposite of demons and, as such, are considered by most to be benevolent and peaceful creatures, infinitely safer to be around. This is true to a certain extent but not entirely so and some Ceiciels, especially the savage ones, can be predatory and pose a serious threat. While they feed largely from positive energies emanating from heaven, some of them won't miss the opportunity to add more substance to their diet, especially when facing an intruder. Many Ceiciels, big or small, will change completely their behavior in such case, sometimes without even realizing it, becoming very hostile to anything perceived as a threat to the equilibrium or well being of the realm.

Threat Ranking:
  • Minimal: A totally harmless being such as a mouse or a rabbit.
  • Very Low: Mostly herbivores but who can still strike back if attacked.
  • Low: Various animals such as felines.
  • Moderate: A moderately dangerous Felaryan creature can still be very dangerous in another world. For example a great white shark would rank between Low and Moderate here...
  • Medium: A predatory, dangerous and often man-eating creature.
  • High: A great predator. Crisis is in this category.
  • Very High: A top predator. This creature could take on a small army.
  • Critical: In Felaryan scales, very few creatures reach this rank.
  • Extreme: A guardian or a mythical creature. Only a god can hope to survive a confrontation with one of these.

Note that threat ranking is based on the threat that the creature represents for a normal human. It's not necessarily linked to the strength of the creature. For example the dryad Cypress would rank very low because she is very friendly to humans, yet she is a powerful being.

Known type of Ceiciels in Felarya:


Other Ceiciels


Threat: Minimal


Size: 100 to 150 feet
Threat: Low

A strange creature with the appearance of a huge seahorse sporting long, majestic fins, and floating slowly in the air. They are generally of a golden or ivory color with gleaming eyes that seems to peer at your very soul. Clever and wise creatures, Emphyrs communicate through telepathy and are generally seen as serene and peaceful. They possess an extremely powerful light magic however, and are capable of unleashing a torrent of devastating spells at a target from a very long distance. They play a crucial role in the armies of heaven, as tacticians, coordinators, and as living pieces of artillery.


Size: 20 to 45 feet
Threat: Moderate

Some Ceiciels are savage and dangerous creatures and the Phoglyos is one of them. It's a sort of large worm covered in a thick exoskeleton, with long membranous wings. It's mostly found in celestial realms, where it hides in clouds, in wait for an unsuspecting prey to pass. It's thankfully rare and, needless to say, Phoglyos and other heaven predators are very actively hunted down by angels, as their mere existence and the mention of one of their victim provoke fear and unease among all the residents of the realm, affecting the whole place.