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So, a thought occurred to me. All the characters have "basic character information" boxes, right? These boxes contain the basics about each character, and are different from character to character, but generally have the same fields for characters of the same species. By this I mean that while a neko character won't have a field for scale color, and a naga won't have a field for fur color, other nekos and other nagas will have those fields.

If that's the case, perhaps we could create a standardized set of "basic character information" boxes, one for each race, and place them somewhere so that that when characters are added in the future, creating the "character information box" is as simple as copying and pasting. Maybe you already have a setup like that?

It would be a lot of work to create the 35 or so boxes by ourselves/yourself, but we might be able to harness the forum to help build them. Something along the lines of a topic asking people what the three or four most important and defining characteristics (of those that vary between individuals) of a particular species are, other than sex and height. Then we can take the generic name-species-sex-height basic information box and add two or three of those fields to it, and then we have a basic character information template for any character of that particular species.

(Really my ideal solution would be to have lots and lots of fields for every character, but only show a select few of them (with the ability to show all of them if you clicked on a button), but I don't think that is possible in a wiki.)
--Oldman40k2003 06:02, 30 November 2009 (PST)

Mhh it's an interesting idea I think ^^

Until now I just copy-pasted from another similar page but you are right this could really be helpful. As well as making a sort of storage page where all templates are listed I think.