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The currently known portion of Felarya is on one immense continent, with wide ranging type of terrains and climates. The northern part remains largely uncharted though, being much more dangerous than the rest. There is credible evidences of another continent far to the east, past the Topazial sea, but little is known about it. Here are the main known regions and zones of Felarya, and some of its most remarkable landmarks. The full picture can be seen here: [1]

Danger ranking
  • Very Low: A town or a special protected place.
  • Low: Few places on Felarya can be labeled low danger zones but there are still some of them.
  • Normal: Most of Felarya. It means a dangerous place.
  • Hazardous: Vicious creatures roam the zone or it's environment is particularly hostile. Either way this place is riskier than normal.
  • High: A zone of Felarya considered dangerous even to predators. It would be suicidal for a lone human to venture though one of these areas.
  • Very High: A very dangerous zone. Often mysterious as well because nobody comes back to tell tales about it.
  • Legendary: Such zones are only known through rumors and tales. Just getting there would be a great exploit, worth of being sung.