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A small tribe of giant elves living in the northern part of the Prayaga island. Their skin is pale, often with a slight yellowish or bronze hue to it. Aloes elves love music, arts and the simple pleasures life has to offer. They are rather peaceful, though rather distant, mostly keeping to themselves. Living on their island has isolated them, leaving them with little contact with other races, and they like it this way. They make an exception to this rule when it comes to hunting though, and any captured adventurer will most likely end up as a light snack for one of the elves. Aloes elves have very little regard for smaller races, whom they entirely see as food, and will most likely pay no attention at all to what their prey is saying before gobbling them down. The major exception are Rosic nekos, who appear to fascinate Aloes elves. The Aloes architecture is interesting, merging very well with the nature, while keeping a distinct feel to it, with gracious arabesques formed by vines. Their village looks like a well tended and lush garden.

Known Aloes Elves